Watch Me Lose Weight!
My Landlord Sucks!

I have a horrible update. I live in a second floor apartment. And the only reason I use to exercise was because there was no one living in the first floor apartment.

It appears my landlord has decided to move in some of his family members and/or friends to first floor. Meaning, my fast weight loss method of hardcore cardio is out the door. Why? Because if they complain about the noise I make while jumping around during my workouts, I can easily get kicked out because he will put his friends and family first. My parents and I can not afford that due to me being unemployed.

The first time I lost weight, my hardcore cardio method helped me lose 42lbs/19.09kgs in just a little less than 3 months! Hopefully I don’t give up when I see that the weight takes forever to come off this time.

-Sookie Darcy